Triangle Montessori Academy

A Reminder for Handling Holiday Stress

Last month, a couple of teachers walked parents through how to handle the immense amount of stress during the holidays in our Parent Education Talks series. As we get into new holidays and the winter break, it’s time to check in and remind yourself that you are doing a wonderful job! Take a moment to review the tips below, making this winter time the least stressful as possible.
  1. Envision what you want the holiday season to look like.

    Try to focus on what is important for you and your family. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to everything else because it’s the memories made that will stick with your children.

  2. Keep as much structure as possible, but be realistic.

    Schedules are going to look different because of the children not being in school, and you might be off of work, but try your best to not change up things too much. Use a holiday planner if you would like to make sure you don’t overschedule yourself, and so your children will be prepared for what’s coming next.

  3. Stick with a budget and be mindful when choosing gifts for your children.

    Children really cherish the memories you make with them, so focus on what traditions you would like to pass down to them. Material items will fade away, but those traditions will live on forever.

  4. Prepare your children when meeting family.

    Have conversations with both your children and family members to prepare them on boundaries and consent. Your children can say to their family members that they would not like a hug/kiss currently, and preparing your family members will allow them to understand and respect your children’s decision.

  5. Remind yourself that this is a time to celebrate the love and traditions in your family, not a time for stress and headache.


Happy Holidays from TMA!