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Parent Resources

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How to Respectfully Redirect Children
In this free webinar, Tammy Oesting dissects how to respectfully redirect children.

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Understanding Children’s Behavior: A Workshop for Parents

TMA Google Reviews

I would give Triangle Montessori Academy 10 stars if I could. This school and the teachers are absolutely fantastic! My two children love going to school everyday and are thriving.
Erica F.
Triangle Montessori is an incredible school. My son has been going for two years, and I have only had positive experiences. The teachers are kind, courteous, and the most patient, gentle people I’ve ever met. The classrooms are calm, but the students are learning through play. It’s incredible to see 2-3 year olds engaged in their “work.” The toddler classrooms bake bread every morning, the school is a nature sanctuary, and there are vegetable gardens so the kids can see the life cycles of plants. The primary school classrooms build on the skills the toddlers learned. Grace and courtesy are the foundational tenets of the classroom, and children are gently taught how to express emotion, problem solve, and work together. My son’s classroom takes a ship to different continents to explore the world, and he comes home telling me about the new places he’s explored through crafts, music, stories, and language. He’s learning (and teaching us!) sign language, Spanish, and new songs. The primary school teachers have a knack for using the childrens’ interests to help them learn what they need for kindergarten readiness while keeping the children engaged and focused. The administrative staff are wonderful – quick to respond, willing to work with the families, and kind. It’s a magical place, and I can’t praise it enough.
Lauren S.
Our daughter loves TMA! The teachers are wonderful and really care about the students.
Helen W.
The very best teachers and they truly care about the children. Highly recommended!
Matt B.
My daughter went to TMA about 1 year. We moved to California last year. She likes TMA! Teachers are so nice, she still miss them sometimes.
yiran X.
I looked at many preschools and had extremely high standards for loving my children and instilling a love for learning with my children. I wanted them to grow confident and kind. TMA is the ONLY one that I felt met my standards in the area. This is not the school where brick and mortar and frills and bells and whistles matter, this is substance over style. They don’t need to show off their facilities because their biggest asset are their teachers and their program. This is an EXCEPTIONAL school, and the teachers and founder are passionate about their kids and what they do. Their curriculum is common sense best of Montessori, they have a wonderful program in place, and the quality of families they attract is educated and sensible. They are the most diverse community, experienced, loving, caring, and nurturing school, and having moved to many states and we are an international family, I have found NOTHING that compares or matches the highest standard – they are really good at what they do, they are extremely humble and down to earth, and they love our kids like their own. I couldn’t be more proud and more grateful for their partnership and trust them with my child’s well being whole heartedly. Our biggest sadness was leaving this school when we moved to the West Coast, because they were our family and our support system, so that says it all!
Natasha P.
Lisa S.
Ismail D.
My son came from south korea 3month ago , We worried first culture of USA, But He really like this place and teacher. We satisfied this school ! Great ^^
James H.
Our daughter started going to TMA for almost a year now. I remember when we first tour the school she ran into one of the older kid’s classroom and wanted to play. The kid not only opened up a space for her and was showing her how to play. That was a deciding moment for us. Almost a year past she went from a shy and timid kid to a confident and self sufficient child. The teachers knows her personality almost as well as we do. That is so important to us, teachers who cares. Thank you
Ann H.
My 3years old son looks happy everyday here. Teachers are so nice and the place is great. Thank you so much.
The development I’ve seen in my daughter over the past 5 months is mind blowing. The teachers come to meet every child at the door upon arrival in the morning which eased the separation process. What my husband and I especially appreciate is the way the teachers intergrate the parents into fun activities so we are all able to take part. The school maintains a beautiful garden and teaches the children how to germinate seedlings and plant them. The final product results in small tastings for the children which they all love. As a first time mom I was worried about leaving my child at school so I stayed to look through the window. My heart melted when I saw Ms. Stacy and Ms. Rita tending not only to my child but they somehow give so much love to all children in the classroom.The owners; Judit and Matt can always be seen filling in and making improvements. They are very mindful of the experiences each child has on a daily basis. Their involvement is phenomenal.Each of their children were educated via the Montessori method and they are spectacular to say the very least. Their method is tried and true.I am very happy with my experience thus far. So much so I am preparing lunch for the teachers as I type this to provide a genuine gesture of gratitude for the care and education they give my child everyday. They have made me a better parent!!
Jilene H.
It’s what you’re looking for! Our son started at TMA and has been there now for 3 years coming up this June. We’ve looked at MSR, Heartwood, Kingswood, Raleigh School and many other montessori and traditional pre-school options when we started, and we chose TMA for several reasons. The teachers are trained, certified, and keep up to date with professional development. The principal believes in regular CE and training, and that helps keep the curriculum up to date, with fresh ideas circulating in. Our son has been with nearly all the teachers there, and they have all been compassionate and nurturing, helping him to develop into a great young man. They understand and heavily incorporate the montessori teaching philosophy into all their activities, and it shows in their projects and work that are displayed at the school. Tuition is competitive with other schools in the same category, and they offer before/after care, extra activities/classes on a pay per activity basis. The school is smaller than Heartwood, which is what we were looking for.At the end of the day, other schools had pretty stuff, and pretty facilities, but when we delved further with questions, they just didn’t execute as well as TMA did. I care more about the personal interactions and attention that my son gets on a daily basis, and I’ll trade pretty buildings and big playgrounds in for a collection of great teachers who are dedicated to what they do, have the versatility to work with children at all skill levels, and take the initiative to meet children where they are, and push them to be better. I believe we could not have picked a better place for our son to grow up in.
Ray T.
Kateryna S.
Wonderful experience! This school is very special to our family; best preschool by far. Our kids received an exceptional education by a well prepared group of experienced teachers. It is a safe and caring place were you can see kids happy and eager to learn. You can tell teachers really care about their students and take care of their education with love and respect. We are grateful for our experience and definitely recommend this school.
Diana R.
We have sent our children to TMA now for 2+ years and couldn’t be happier. Our oldest, now almost 4 started when he was 18th months in the Toddler program and has enjoyed every day. His teachers are all AMS certified and AMAZING! Top notch. Our youngest has just started the Toddler program at 2yo. Since we’ve attended, the director is consistently making improvements to the play areas, the edible/interactive gardens and room supplies. There’s no shortage of before school or afterschool activities for parents who work later than 2pm – our oldest just started Karate and loves it! Would highly recommend to anyone seeking a quality Montessori education for their children with great facilities, teachers, staff and director!
Aliya G.
My son attended TMA for 1 year before kindergarten and they did an exceptional job with him. By the time he left, he was reading at the 1st grade level and was already being introduced to multiplication. I loved the fact they didn’t teach to the masses, but they focused on the individual. Thank you for everything you did!!!!
Natalie B
This is the absolute best school I have ever experienced in my 7 years of looking for preschools . I feel like My child has grown and developed because of the facilitation of her skills with focus on courtesy and grace. She is able to communicate and identify her feelings because of the teacher’s kind examples.The Directress Judit is so wonderful and experienced and her passion for the children shows in how she runs the school. I will recommend this school to everyone I know for as long as I can. I will never my forget my childs experience at TMA.
Lisa A.