Triangle Montessori Academy

The Magic of Montessori Education and Music

At Triangle Montessori Academy, music-inspired activities are an enjoyable and enriching aspect of what we offer our students. Music is often referred to as “the universal language”, stirring the senses and adding a deep dimension to the mind of a child.


It has been found that children have an innate capacity to appreciate music of all types, and a natural proclivity to actively move, dance, and make music. Music is present in all cultures, often reflecting the character of a people by the style, melodies, tones, and instruments used. At TMA, we provide children with plenty of opportunities to perfect their movements and refine coordination. Both music and movement can provide children with a way to express their own unique spirits.


At circle time in the Triangle Montessori Academy classroom, music is integrated into the everyday curriculum. Out educators share new songs and dances from cultures around the world.


For example, the Directress will practice on musical instruments such as drums, bells, xylophone during Music Together class once a week. TMA’s children also have lessons on the most influential composers in world history including as Bach, Beethoven, and Haydn. This musical education will be complemented with lessons on dances from around the world.


At Triangle Montessori Academy, we believe music is an everyday exercise that all children enjoy.


Triangle Montessori Academy is an authentic Montessori school grounded in the observations, methods and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. For almost 10 years, TMA has been a year-round, private Montessori preschool located in the heart of Cary. Not only is TMA a member of the American Montessori Society (AMS), but all of our teachers are AMS certified.


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