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Relocating to the Triad: Why Switch to Montessori

When relocating your family to a new area, there is so much to consider. The long list of must-dos includes selecting a home, continuing your career, and planning your children’s move to a new place of education.

At Triangle Montessori Academy, we believe the investment in a fine education pays the most valuable dividends. Montessori education offers children an environment where they are deeply engaged in work that they will find interesting, meaningful, and often intriguing. One of the things that you will see when you enter their new Montessori classroom is joy, excitement, and enthusiasm. These are not children who are given workbooks and simplistic assignments to do over and over again. You will find that the elementary Montessori curriculum is highly enriched and challenging.

“Our caring, skilled educators are trained in the Montessori philosophy and the methodology and promote learning as a hands-on experience, says Puja Patel, Head of School at Triangle Montessori Academy. “Students thrive in the environment and encouraged to learn by trial, error, and discovery.”

It’s been found that when students are excited about something and feel connected to it in their environment, that’s where real learning takes place, and that’s where Montessori shines. Montessori helps children to be flexible, self-disciplined, independent learners and self-actualized adults. We all want our children to be able to have limitless dreams. Montessori students learn, “I have to master or learn, I can figure it out, I can find the information, I can learn it, I can apply it.?”

If your relocation dreams include a child who truly loves school, thinks outside the box, thinks about others, then you should consider a Montessori education. You’ve laid the right foundation and may be thinking, “what’s next?” We invite you to join the TMA family and let your child reap the benefits of continuing their Montessori education.

Triangle Montessori Academy is a Cary preschool emphasizing art, mathematics, practical life, Spanish, yoga, meditation, and music. The private, year-round school was founded in 2008 and accepts children from 18 months old up to six years old. The school is a member of the American Montessori Society and all teachers are AMS-certified. Students at the school are exposed to Montessori-style teaching approaches, including individual learning according to each child’s style and pace, multi-age classrooms that allow children to advance when they are ready, and a nurturing of students’ natural curiosity.

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